Ways to Support

Finding and rewarding hidden philanthropists in our society must be continued because many of us are dreaming to make our world a better place to live for our future generation.
APA is not a project of only one individual or organization. . APA is a work of many individuals and organizations that wish to spread philanthropy across globe through devotion of time, money, and talents.
APA strictly does not receive any sponsorship of particular individual, government, or corporation. It is independently operated and managed by volunteers from non-profit sector. Perhaps, this independent management system is a narrow and hard way to continue APA. However, we believe this is the best way for our program because through this management we can also contribute on our own and make APA unique and special compared to other award system.

Participation through donation

APA is 100% operated by donation from APA supporters and volunteers. We receive donation through following methods:

  • Wiring Information: KEB HANA Bank
    Account: 150-310012-52705
    Account Name: Kim Se Soon

To support us, please contact us at anytime.

Phone : 82-2-3670-6014
E-mail : asiapaward@gamil.com