2019 APA winner

Lifetime Achievement Award, Girija Nandan Girija Satish

Girija Addressing Public Meeting at Hazaribagh On Adverse Effect of Liquor (Wine) in Women and Children's life

President Nadan, as a pioneer for decentralization, has expanded the Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK) project while supporting over 300 voluntary associations through assistance programs for small groups in Jharkhand and Bihar. In conjunction with the assignment of professionals such as social workers, training programs have been provided for the small groups to cultivate their capacities so that they can realize philanthropy in their business fields. As a result, more than 300 small voluntary associations are fostering the philanthropy industry under the NBJK.

The Best NPO of the Year, For Vietmame Stature Foundation (VSF)(Vietnam)

VSF - Logo image
VSF - Blood donation program

VSF is an active and specialized nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing educational and health-care opportunities for children, young people, and women while promoting their rights. As the first contributor of the program designed to provide milk for students in national schools, VSF runs not only educational programs to cultivate young talents, but also medical and philanthropic ones for women of childbearing age. It also encourages the beneficiaries to participate in the programs to inform the value of having a good life and strengthen philanthropy. In addition, it serves as a bridge to connect philanthropists with people and communities that need their support.

The Best Fundraiser of the Year, Ahn Jong-Kil

입학 20주년 기념을 통한 동문 관계형성 프로그램
입학 20주년 기념을 통한 동문 관계형성 프로그램

Manager Ahn Jong-Kil served as the vice president and chairperson of the University Development Fund Council, a fundraising body for university development, while working at Hanyang University’s Office of External Affairs and Development. He has contributed to strengthening job competencies by providing education and conducting seminars related to fund-raising two or three times a year. Moreover, he has a great interest in revitalizing the donation culture. Along with fundraising campaigns, he has bolstered appropriate honor programs, such as the health checkup program for major donors, which was developed through the consultation with Hanyang University Medical Center, to increase donors’ satisfaction, thus leading them to continue participation in the culture.

Youth Philanthropist of the Year, Karen HyunBee Cho


Karen Cho extends her understanding to friends who have gone through similar forms of cultural shock, based on her experience coming to Korea after attending primary and secondary school in the United States. She has played charity concerts and held a benefit concert to help create an ecological village in Zambia, Africa, and raised KRW 10 million as a result. Aside from that, she produces CDs as part of a music therapy program to help young and emotionally confused people understand their own feelings and how to resolve them.

Philantropic Celebrity of the Year, Park Shin-hye

[기아대책]박신혜홍보대사_2010가나방문 (1)
[기아대책]박신혜홍보대사_2016필리핀봉사활동 (3)

Actress Park Shin-hye has been devoted to philanthropy since she met poverty-stricken children in Nepal in 2009. In 2011, she began to act as a promotional ambassador of Korea Food for the Hungry International (KFHI). Through the project called “Starlight Angel Village“ with her local and overseas fans, she dedicated herself to establishing centers designed to provide educational and emotional support for children in developing countries around the world. The Shin Hye Center was first completed in Ghana, West Africa, in November 2013 helping about 500 students. In 2016, the Shin Hye Center was built in Manila, Philippines. She has been working on countless beneficent activities including youth support scholarship projects at home and abroad, donations for people in earthquake-stricken Pohang, and Making and Sharing Kimchi events.