2018 APA winner

Philanthropist of the Year: Ha Jong Kim

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Father Kim is a Korean priest who was naturalized as a Korean citizen after being born in Italy. For 27 years, he managed a shelter in Sungnam for homeless individuals, adolescents at risk, senior citizens who live alone. As a friend, counselor and father figure for those who are overlooked, he also provides meals for about 500 homeless individuals per day for six days a week. About 60% of necessary finances come from donations and his endless sacrifice, love, generosity, volunteer, mind to serve those in need without any reward or price defines him as a true philanthropist.

Fundraiser of the Year: Lee Kyung Kim


Lee Kyung Kim is a fundraiser specialist for WorldVision, who first built the idea of fun and meaningful donations in Korea that can be easily done throughout everyone’s daily routines instead of common donation ideas. He is the one who planned and started first ever gift donation sites in Korea such as “Gifts of Hope,” “Penny Harvest Field.” And recently “Love Bread Dispenser.” He changed the definition of donation from not He provides positive impacts to those around by endlessly working to expand donation efforts with other sponsors and design new donation campaigns and associated ideas.

NPO of the Year: Sukawati Foundation


Sukawati Foundation, under the policy of “Nepal helps Nepal itself,” started Sukwati Store in Kathmandu since 2015 which is essential the Beautiful Store of Nepal and used the profit to support orphans and disabled individuals in Nepal. Board members of the foundation are the main volunteers for the Sukwati Store, and foundation is also working to provide work for those in need through the store. Since the devastating earthquake in 2015, the foundation has also started domestic and international donation campaigns to provide immediate support and re-establishment of school building that have been damaged by the earthquakes.

Female Philanthropist of the Year: Lim Sook Kim


Social movement organization “Jogak-Bo” which stands for patchwork of cloths, is a social movement organization started by Miss Kim for peaceful unification of Korea. While looking for ways to expand donation campaigns regarding peaceful unification and equal rights for women, she adapted unification models proposed by Axel Schmidt-Gödelitz and reinvented such models in her “Stories from Life of Korean Women.” Founder Lim Sook Kim recounts her efforts as “Thank to the efforts put in for last seven years, talks about peace, unification, and equal rights movement which were formerly unfamiliar with common citizens” has now become a norm and common mainstream topics.

Teen Philanthropist of the Year: Idle Market


Idle Market started an education program to minimize unnecessary purchases and supplied affordable high-quality products to support small business owners. Unlike other common charity organizations that focus on various direct donations for those in need, Idle Market focuses on education for those in need with a clearly set service policy.

Public Service of the Year: Lee Dong Han


CEO Lee Dong Hang started social welfare foundation Chungang since Nov 1987 and worked to improve the life quality of disabled individuals in Jeju Island by building Multipurpose Center, Worker’s Center, Work Rehabilitation Center, and Rehabilitation Clinic. He consistently participated in charity events since 2003 to support those in need and donated 300 million won to Jeju Social Welfare Charity Campaign in June 2012 to promote more donation activities in Jeju Island. Additionally, he started campaign to support disabled individuals in Ethiopia and Miyanmar with donations from the Honor Society and has volunteered for many other international donation campaigns as well.