2016 APA Committee

APA Chair/Vice Chairs

Seong Soo Kim


Bishop of Anglican Church in Korea
Chairman of the Board of Social Solidarity Bank

Jonathan Chang

Vice Chairs
Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Executive Director, Singapore

Linda To

Vice Chairs
HER Fund, Executive Director, Hong Kong

Masataka Uo

Vice Chairs
Japan Fundraising Association, CEO, Japan

J. R. Pangilinan

Vice Chairs
World Scout AP, Regional Director, Philippines

Tae Sun Kwon

Vice Chairs
Councilor of Huffington Post Korea
Co-founder of Korean Federation for Environmental Movements, Korea

Jong Soo Lee

Vice Chairs
President of Social Investment Bank, Korea

APA Committee Members

Hag Bong Kang  Head, Fundraising Division, United Way Korea

Seok Koh  CEO of Child Safety Foundation

Kyung Hee Kim  Head, Planning and Coordination Division of Korean Committee for UNICEF

Seong Kyu Kim  CEO of Hanmi Accounting Corporation

Yeong Wook Kim  Chairman of All My Kids

Yong Deok Kim  Executive Director of Board of Social Solidarity Bank

Jung Hun Kim  Professor Emeritus of Kongju University, Former Chairman of Arts Council Korea, Artist

Choon Ho Kim  President of The State University of New York, Korea

Ki Nam Park  Secretary General of Korea Foundation for Women

Yong Joo Park  Chairman of Mainbiz

Won Il Park  CEO of Park Won Il Accounting Office

Won Ki Bae  Associate Professor of Hongik University Graduate School of Business

Kyung Hak Paik  Executive Director of Purme Foundation

Bekay Ahn  CFRE, President of International Council for Nonprofit Management

Jin Soo Yeom  Chairman of Better World Corporation

Byung Seon Yoo  Chairman of The Seeds Corporation

Won Sik Yoo  President of KFHI(Korea Food for the Hungry International)

Jung Sook Yoon  Former Secretary General of Beautiful Foundation

Kyung Ran Lee  CEO of MODN Communication

Dong Soo Lee  Professor of Sangmyung University

Mi Kyung Lee  Secretary General of Korea Green Foundation

Sun Hee Lee  President of Human Tree, Inc.

Seung Hoon Lee  M.D. Professor of Eulji University

Gun Chang  Chairman of Seoungnam Good Foundation

Seung Sil Jeon  Head of Nanum Educational Research Institute

Hyun Sook Jeon  Secretary General of YWCA Seoul

In Cho Jung  Chairman of Bucheon Hope Foundation

Sun Hee Cho  Chairman of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

Jae Won Choi  M.D. Dean of External Affairs, Seoul Asan Medical Hospital

Minky Worden  Human Rights Watch, Director of Global Initiates

Dong Keun Ahn  Media Communication Professor of Hanyang University