2016 APA Winners

The Philanthropist of the Year, Maung Zaw

Maung Zaw

Maung Zaw is a Burmese democracy activist who fought against Myanmar’s military dictatorship. He took refuge in Korea in 1994 and witnessed first-hand the lives of immigrant workers and civic movements in the Korean society. Having recognized the importance of citizens’ actions and education, he started to stage a campaign to promote educational support for children and the youth in Myanmar from 2003. Since he established “Thabyae” in 2010, he has been striving to expand access to education for Myanmarese students.

In addition, he has been implementing projects to translate and publish children’s books for the young people in his country as well as various educational exchange programs in connection with other countries. His efforts have had a great influence on strengthening Myanmar’s capabilities, drawing the support and heightening the awareness of people locally and globally. Such efforts have also been promoting changes in the Burmese society.

Aside from this, the Peace Radio Campaign that he led to let his people know about the progresses of Myanmar’s democratic movement is remembered as a significant case that connected advocacy with fund-raising.

The Best Fundraiser of the Year, Beom Yong Kim

Beom Yong Kim

Beom-yong Kim, an executive director of Bucheon Hope Foundation, recognized the issues of redundancy in welfare service projects between the central and local governments and the dead zone of welfare through the variety of civic activities he has conducted for several years mainly in the Bucheon area. To resolve such issues, he felt the need to stage a local-based campaign to create a sharing culture and led the establishment of Bucheon Hope Foundation, the first local foundation that is not funded by the central government in Gyeonggi Province.

Through the community foundation, he has been finding those in a desperate need of support and offering customized services that can meet their needs. He has been not only suggesting a model to reproduce public resources consistently through participation of local residents and various partnerships with stakeholders and taking a leading role in improving a culture of donation.

The Best NPO of the Year, Seungil Hope Foundation


Founded in July 19, 2011, Sihope Foundation is the country’s only nonprofit organization for patients of Lou Gehrig’s disease with an aim to support those with this neurodegenerative disease and establish a specialized hospital for patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Seung-il Park, the cochairman of the foundation (formerly the youngest coach of a professional basketball team, MOBIS), who is a Lou Gehrig’s disease patient himself, has been spreading practical hope to patients and their family. Ro Sean Kim, a cofounder who became associated with the foundation as a donator has been striving to make a difference in donation trends in Korea by improving awareness on Lou Gehrig’s disease and bringing the issue of donation to the public to contribute to the goal of the foundation and to build a specialized care hospital for patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Woman Philanthropist of the Year, Ji Hyang Noh


Ji-hyang No has introduced drama therapy for the first time in Korea and implemented various programs to heal the underprivileged, including North Korean defectors, juvenile delinquents, foreign workers, and general people and make them look back on their lives, making great contributions to healing their wounds as well as recovering self-respect.

In 1997, she established “Hae-Theater by the Suppressed” at her own expense and put performances on stage for various classes of underprivileged people. She has been striving to resolve the fundamental issues of the marginalized and contributing to resolving conflicts in our society and promoting communication with over 50 performances performed on stage, along with a variety of follow-up programs such as tattoo removal for juvenile delinquents, exchange programs between the youth of South Korea and that of North Korea, recovering relationships between women in military camp towns and their families, and many more.

Youth Philanthropist of the Year, Tenspoon


“SIPSIILBAP” is a nonprofit private organization comprised of university students who practice the spirit of sipsiilban, which means “making a united effort to help a person.” Starting with approximately 30 students in Hanyang University in February 2014, it has grown into a full-fledged organization with 11 universities and 20 school cafeterias involved throughout the country.

Aside from this, in cooperation with NGOs, it has been expanding the areas of its activities such as offering meal vouchers to college students on the national basic livelihood program, providing food to the elderly who live alone in the community, and more. As a professional nonprofit organization, it goes beyond offering meal vouchers to those in need as it strives to bridge the gap between the rich and poor and contribute to spreading the sharing culture through a virtuous cycle.